Dry Vacuuming

Dry Vacuuming is one of the most important phases in car cleaning that helps in removing the dirt and grit from the seats. We incorporate one of the efficient processes that sucks all the dust particles and helps to live a healthy life.


At Car Dry Clean, we provide an extensive range of cleaning services for all types of Fabrics and leather. We ensure your seats are well shampooed and cleansed with a biodegradable solution. Fresh smell, restored color, prolonged carpet life are assured

Wet Vacuuming

Once all the cleansing process is completed, we offer an extraordinary wet vacuuming process where a huge amount of dust is sucked up into the machine. Leaves the sofa a visibly different color where the vacuum has been.


Dusting or Vacuuming the sofa and carpets regularly are great ways to get by tidy and neat look, but that isn’t about it. Deep cleaning service will not just give your sofa a neat look, but ensures to be spanking clean. Car Dry Clean is the ideal service for those have pets, kids, or just spilled food or drinks on the sofa.
Clean and tidy sofa seats are what we look at any time. Bring the striking look and appeal back with Car Dry Clean.

Under Sofa and Carpet cleaning service we provide :

  •  Mechanized Cleaning
  •  Foam Based Shampooing
  •  Stain Removal
  •  Leatherite Sofa Polishing
  •  Anti-microbial cleaning
  •  Vacuuming
                               Items     All Inclusive Cost
3 Seater Sofa With 3 Cushions550
4 Seater Sofa With 4 Cushions650
5 Seater Sofa With 5 Cushions750
6 Seater Sofa With 6 Cushions900
7 Seater Sofa With 7 Cushions1050
8 Seater Sofa With 8 Cushions1200
9 Seater Sofa With 9 Cushions1350
10 Seater Sofa With 10 Cushions1500
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